Day: January 10, 2024

The President’s Men Don’t Go AWOL

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s disappearance story will strike anyone who has served in a senior administration role as bizarre. When you are entrusted with high-level public responsibilities, the expectation is that you are always available. Top officials like Mr. Austin occupy what is known as the PAS level—presidentially appointed, Senate confirmed. PAS officials don’t even […]

When Biden, Trump and DeSantis Agree on Something, Watch Out

What do you know? Joe Biden, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump agree on something. All three presidential candidates want to import pharmaceutical price controls from countries with socialized healthcare systems and outsource drug regulation to foreign governments. That’s the point of Florida’s plan to import drugs from Canada, which the Food and Drug Administration approved […]

‘Gas-Station Heroin’ Sold as Dietary Supplement Alarms Health Officials

The young father headed across the parking lot to join the other parents meeting their children’s new preschool teachers. After a few steps, he began sweating and twitching. As the sky reeled, he staggered back to the car, desperate to lie down in the back seat and breathe, hidden by tinted windows. “Did you take […]

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