Day: February 27, 2024

‘Lack of awareness’ of safety guidelines at Boeing: FAA report – National

Boeing is not as committed to safety as it claims it is, an FAA report concluded. An investigation by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration “observed documentation, survey responses, and employee interviews that did not provide objective evidence of a foundational commitment to safety that matched Boeing’s descriptions of that objective.” The agency launched the investigation […]

Alabama IVF Patients Are Running Out of Time

In October, Melissa began an in vitro fertilization cycle. A resident of Birmingham, Alabama, her fertility journey to that point had been not just difficult, but harrowing—earlier that year, she had nearly bled to death during a procedure to resolve a second-trimester miscarriage. When the IVF process yielded just a single viable embryo, she had […]

Some Canadians exploring ‘non-traditional’ ways to own a home. What are they? – National

Nearly a third of Canadians are considering buying a home with others, renting out a secondary unit and other “non-traditional” paths to ownership amid ongoing affordability barriers in the housing market, a new poll released Thursday suggests. Re/Max Canada published the results of a poll conducted by Leger in late 2023 that surveyed Canadians on […]

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