'The law needs to catch up on student mental health'

'The law needs to catch up on student mental health'

A High Court case is looking at whether universities owe a duty of care towards their students.

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Recent years have seen a huge increase in attention surrounding mental health in the student community. Mental health issues amongst students are often overlooked by society, but are in fact becoming more and more common. The law needs to catch up on this issue in order to better protect student mental health.

Issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress have become commonplace amongst many students trying to cope with their academic, social, and personal pressures. Unfortunately, the current systems and regulations in place do not provide enough support for students struggling with these issues. Without adequate support, the mental wellbeing of students can suffer, leading to potential long-term effects.

The law should take into account the unique demands of student life in order to provide more comprehensive protection and support. This could include better access to mental health services, more mental health awareness training, and stricter laws against bullying in educational institutions. The law should also be amended to more clearly define legal responsibility when it comes to mental health.

Another essential law reform lies in the area of student assessment and evaluation. Standardized exams and tests can be detrimental to mental health, as students often feel extreme levels of stress and anxiety related to academic performance. The law should take this into consideration and focus on more equitable and holistic measures of student performance.

The law needs to catch up on student mental health in order to prevent it from becoming a greater problem in the future. By taking proactive steps, we can ensure a better future for the wellbeing of our students.

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