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Here Come the AI Worms

As generative AI systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini become more advanced, they are increasingly being put to work. Startups and tech companies are building AI agents and ecosystems on top of the systems that can complete boring chores for you: think automatically making calendar bookings and potentially buying products. But as the tools […]

How Nvidia Came to Rule AI

[Break] Lauren Goode: All right, Will. What is your recommendation? Will Knight: My recommendation is this application called WhisperKit, which is from a company called Argmax, which was founded by some Apple developers who left to do their own thing. I think it’s appropriate because it’s a good example of the importance of the edge. […]

How to Use ChatGPT’s Memory Feature

Everything reminds me of Her. While ChatGPT is not as powerful as the artificial intelligence from Spike Jonze’s sci-fi romance movie, OpenAI’s experimental memory tool for its chatbot seems to suggest a future where bots are highly personalized and capable of more fluid, lifelike conversations. OpenAI just soft-launched a new feature for ChatGPT called Memory, […]

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