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Biden’s Age and Memory Rise to Center of 2024 Presidential Campaign

When President Biden appeared at a last-minute news conference on Thursday night, he hoped to assure the country of his mental acuity hours after a special counsel’s report had devastatingly referred to him as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Instead, a visibly angry Mr. Biden made the exact type of verbal flub […]

Trump’s Verbal Slips Could Weaken His Attacks on Biden’s Age

One of Donald J. Trump’s new comedic bits at his rallies features him impersonating the current commander in chief with an over-the-top caricature mocking President Biden’s age. With droopy eyelids and mouth agape, Mr. Trump stammers and mumbles. He squints. His arms flap. He shuffles his feet and wanders laggardly across the stage. A burst […]

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