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Sleepy Girl Mocktail: Can This Tart Cherry Juice Drink Help You Fall Asleep?

The recipe for a “sleepy girl mocktail” is simple, and its promise is alluring: Swirl a spoonful of magnesium into a fizzing glass of seltzer and tart cherry juice, take a big sip and get the best sleep of your life. Researchers who study supplements and sleep, however, remain skeptical. The mocktail has gone viral […]

Drunk and Asleep on the Job: Air Traffic Controllers Pushed to the Brink

One air traffic controller went into work drunk this summer and joked about “making big money buzzed.” Another routinely smoked marijuana during breaks. A third employee threatened violence and then “aggressively pushed” a colleague who was directing airplanes. The incidents were extreme examples, but they fit into a pattern that reveals glaring vulnerabilities in one […]

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