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In a New Cannabis Landscape, a Navy Veteran Battles for Racial Equity

“Transforming Spaces” is a series about women driving change in sometimes unexpected places. Jam the towel under the door. Open the window. And hide the bong. For decades, college students have found ways to mask the pungent aroma of marijuana smoke on campuses. Wanda James, however, did not always feel a need to hide. A […]

Anthony Joshua: Heavyweight boxer rap battles with Louis Theroux and opens up about pressure of living up to expectations

Watch: Anthony Joshua & Louis Theroux’s freestyle rap Watch Louis Theroux Interviews… Anthony Joshua on BBC Two from 21:00 GMT on Tuesday, 7 November, or on BBC iPlayer Anthony Joshua still lives with his mum, is tired of living up to other people’s expectation of him and once fought six men in a single fight. […]

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