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Hamza Choudhury: FA writes to clubs after player’s pro-Palestinian post

Hamza Choudhury used the phrase in a social media post on Monday The Football Association will write to clubs advising players should not use the phrase “from river to the sea” in social media posts as it is “considered offensive to many”. Critics say the phrase implies the destruction of Israel, but some pro-Palestinian protesters […]

Hamza Choudhury: Leicester player ‘sorry for offence’ caused by pro-Palestinian post

Hamza Choudhury has made 64 league appearances for Leicester City during his career Leicester City midfielder Hamza Choudhury says he is “sorry for any offence he has caused” with a social media post often interpreted as supportive of Palestinian nationalism. Choudhury wrote “From river to sea” with an image of a Palestinian flag on X, […]

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