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Leaked Files Show the Secret World of China’s Hackers for Hire

The hackers offered a menu of services, at a variety of prices. A local government in southwest China paid less than $15,000 for access to the private website of traffic police in Vietnam. Software that helped run disinformation campaigns and hack accounts on X cost $100,000. For $278,000 Chinese customers could get a trove of […]

A Rivington Street Tenant’s Secret Would Change His Neighbors’ Lives

The hat-making business had successes — a mention in Women’s Wear Daily and wares sold in Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and at a Bergdorf Goodman trunk show. “We were in every one of those crusty old lady shops,” Mr. Tyler-Leonard said. In “Party Monster,” Mr. St. James described the apartment as “a […]

This N.Y.U. Student Owns a $6 Million Crypto Mine. His Secret Is Out.

Jerry Yu has the trappings of what the Chinese call second-generation rich. He boasts a Connecticut prep-school education. He lives in a Manhattan condominium bought for $8 million from Jeffrey R. Immelt, the former General Electric chief executive. And he is the majority owner of a Bitcoin mine in Texas, acquired last year for more […]

Opinion | The Secret to Trump’s Success Isn’t Authoritarianism

Perhaps that disparity reflects a lack of knowledge about the extent of Mr. Trump’s plans. Or it may indicate widespread dissatisfaction with the present state of affairs. In October, staff members from Customs and Border Protection interacted with more than 240,000 people who attempted to enter the United States along the southern border, and between […]

Aston Villa’s Alisha Lehmann reveals her secret talent in Unlocked

Aston Villa forward Alisha Lehmann reveals her secret talent, celeb followers and plays photo roulette in the fifth episode of Unlocked. WATCH MORE UNLOCKED: Celeb DMs, hot tubs and pork pies: Ella Toone Unlocked Team-mates videos, Lizzie McGuire and singing: Sam Kerr Unlocked ‘Katie McCabe cannot be trusted’: Beth Mead Unlocked Source link

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