Day: February 22, 2024

Nvidia’s stock soars as chip maker leaves ‘no doubt’ of AI boom – National

Nvidia on Wednesday forecast a roughly threefold surge in quarterly revenue that handily beat estimates as the company banked on towering demand for its industry-leading artificial-intelligence chips, sending its shares higher. Nvidia’s stock was up nearly 11 per cent in early trading Thursday. The already-hefty demand for the company’s data center chips and graphics processing […]

Leaked Files Show the Secret World of China’s Hackers for Hire

The hackers offered a menu of services, at a variety of prices. A local government in southwest China paid less than $15,000 for access to the private website of traffic police in Vietnam. Software that helped run disinformation campaigns and hack accounts on X cost $100,000. For $278,000 Chinese customers could get a trove of […]

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